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Taste our dishes in our restaurants, take them away, or have them delivered with our new Boonchu delivery service

Boonchu’s fast casual concept delicately blends a relaxed atmosphere with Asian cuisine.

Refined Asian cuisine, quality details and a relaxed atmosphere are Boonchu’s secret ingredients.

In each of our restaurants, the utmost attention is given to the use of fresh products that go into preparing balanced yet exotic meals and an obsession for client satisfaction.

Boonchu’s “fast casual” concept brings together fast food’s dynamism and the stringent requirements of quality, healthy and tasteful cooking.

Boonchu is much more than a type of food; it is a way of living that is healthy, connected and energetic. Our menu offers a range of Asian dishes, ideal to be shared with friends or colleagues, at lunchtime or in the evening, or as a casual solo dinner.

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Healthy, balanced and tasty food

Quality, fresh ingredients, all lightly spiced up by the chef’s own spice selection, are the basis of a healthy cooking style that is increasingly sought after. Quick yet healthy and delicious, Asian cuisine matches perfectly with today’s dynamic lifestyles. Asian cuisine wakes our senses, surprises our eyes with its extraordinary colour palette and its incredibly subtle tastes.

Quality & freshness at the heart of every one of our dishes

Boonchu sets itself the highest standards in selecting the ingredients that finally make it to our refined and tasty Asian recipes, a true testimony to our social commitment: Products selected in the quest for a balance between truly pleasurable individual experiences and the deepest respect for everyone’s taste.

A story of refined taste and exoticism


An explosion of colours, tastes, spices that have clients exploring, escape their daily routine, for a truly satisfying and exquisitely relaxing moment.

Boonchu: innovative restaurants to meet our modern, discerning clients’ comfort needs


Every dish contains fresh Thai ingredients and spices to provide every customer with the best possible combination of flavours to give you a taste of Asia whenever you visit us.


Nutritional equilibrium is guaranteed in our low-calorie meals, as we want to promote and encourage our customers to adapt a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.


Boonchu Luxembourg offers you the possibility to enjoy your quickly prepared meal in a comfortable, spacious seating area with attractive decor and relaxing music


The freshness of the ingredients we use for our dishes is guaranteed by starting the cooking process immediately after you place your order.


At Boonchu we prepare your dish right in front of you. Attractive decor, great quality as well as quick service is guaranteed during your visit, all at an affordable price.


In terms of preserving the environment, Boonchu is part of a continuous improvement process Reducing and sorting waste for a preserved environment. Privileged selection of eco-responsible suppliers.