About us

Fast Casual – What does that mean?


This means that you get to enjoy the main benefits of a fast food and self-service restaurant,
such as the speed of preparation, service and lower-priced dishes, while simultaneously getting to enjoy fresh balanced
and richly-flavored food in the cozy and comfortable atmosphere of a casual dining restaurant.


Our values


Boonchu at its core is about inspiring people to explore new things. We want you to get a new, different,
fresh and innovative taste of Asia, specifically Thailand, when you eat in our restaurants.
Boonchu is about more than just food. It’s a way of life, encouraging people to enjoy living a healthy
and dynamic life, which is perfectly expressed by our slogan “Enjoy, Live Boonchu”.


Made by Luxembourg


Unlike what you might think, made by Luxembourg is not a typo. Instead of saying that our products
are made in Luxembourg (which they are), we take pride in letting you know
that Boonchu was founded, developed and currently run by Luxembourgish people!